Sunday, November 2, 2008

i hate this shitty politics.......

It's my first blog, and first i would like to hilight the tiltle "correct structure", it means that every dam thing should be in a proper manner, but here in india our great great nation who the hell care's about the got dam proper fucking manner. One thing which is true here is that this politics is fucking this place and this nation is sucking it's cock and nobody is going to do anything to stop this fucking business. I believe in structure, I believe we are human the most beautifull and intellegent being on this planet, so we should live like a human, insted of rubbing our ass like this. Here nobody is safe nobody knows that at which bus stand or train or anywhere some got dam mother fucker's are going to place the bomb and blow our asses . I know that some shit people will like remind me about september [11th], then i want to tell those fucking asshole's that it was happen just once,and we have been fucked here not once but the every fucking got dam day. and it will go on for the rest of the days too. so i have started looking for a better place where i can live like a human. better U too start thinking that Or U can just keep on rubbing & rubbing & rubbing. ?...THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S.......?

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•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

same thoughts bro..same ..